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Source Containment

12/26/2018 (Permalink)

Source containment may be used to address relatively small areas of mold growth, or in combination with other engineering controls to reduce the amount of spores released and dust generated. Source containment may be used alone when fungal growth is limited to small, visible, controllable areas where no hidden mold growth is anticipated. In areas where there is limited visible mold, and hidden mold growth is anticipated, a more extensive containment is recommended.  Source containment methods may also be used within areas of more extensive mold growth in conjunction with other forms of containment.  Examples of source containment methods include:  taping polyethylene sheeting or using self-adhering plastic on the moldy surface or material before removing; and wrapping, bagging, and securely enclosing moldy contents or materials in 6-mil poly or comparable packaging.

Local Containment

12/26/2018 (Permalink)

Local containment may be used when "moderate levels" of fungal growth are visible or suspected. A structural enclosure can be built to contain the work area and separate it from the unaffected section of a structure. PVC pipe, wood framing, or spring-loaded expansion poles can be used to build an enclosure, which then is covered with an appropriate poly material.  Constructing structural support is not always necessary if the isolation barrier can be securely attached to wall and ceiling surfaces. One or two layers of 6-mil polyethylene sheeting may be used to cover the enclosure or to erect isolation barriers. HEPA-filtered air filtration devices are installed to create a negative pressure differential in relation to surrounding areas. For further information, contact the professionals at SERVPRO of High Point. 

Prevention Strategies

12/26/2018 (Permalink)

Fix leaks immmediately. Clean and dry wet or damp spots immediately. Remove mold-contaminated materials. Regularly inspect and maintain heating, ventilating, and HVAC systems. Routinely inspect and clean HVAC drip pans, check power flow and that drain is unobstructed. Maintain low indoor humidity, ideally 30-60%. Vent moisture-generating equipment to the outside, where possible. Increase surface temperature by reducing the humidity to prevent condensation that results when surface temperature is below dew point temperature. Keep gutters and downspouts in working order and ensuring that they drain water away from the foundation. Remove wet, absorbent structural items and cloth furnishings if they cannot be easily and thoroughly cleaned and dried within 48 hours. Replace with new materials as soon as the underlying structure is thoroughly dry.

Reducing Mold In Your Property

10/19/2018 (Permalink)

Molds are found in every environment, and mold spores reproduce rapidly when moisture is present. One study found that excessive dampness indoors encourages the growth of molds and other organisms, causing a public health problem. The EPA advised that the potential health concerns from molds are an important reason to prevent moisture problems leading to mold growth. It is especially important to clean up existing indoor mold growth to increase property value and retain its value. If a property has experienced a water intrusion, SERVPRO of High Point can inspect the damage to see whether moisture has penetrated materials or is allowing mold growth. Organic materials found inside a property, such as wood, paper, drywall and insulation, provide food sources for mold to flourish. Be diligent in your efforts to keep mold from growing within your property.

Remember – Green Means Clean!

4/7/2016 (Permalink)

If it has been a while since you have completely cleaned your home, there may be some surprises awaiting you.  If you discover Mold please make sure you have it cleaned up by a professional company who specializes in Mold Remediation.  It’s not just your home…it’s also your health that can be at risk.  So call SERVPRO of High Point with the confidence that SERVPRO Green Means everything is Clean! SERVPRO of High Point follows IICRC standards and we make sure that all of our products are in line with these standards. Mold can be the result of a water intrusion that exists in the wall cavity and is not visible to you.  Make sure if you have any musty odors present, that you call a trained professional.